Together we make one good brain

So, I found this Right vs. Left Brain quiz this a.m. on an online forum:

I looked at it and could only see the dancer moving clockwise. I tried making it go the opposite way but couldn’t. I’m still trying.

So, I showed this to my very left brained accountant husband and asked him what he saw. Unsurprisingly, he said counter-clockwise and when I said I only saw clockwise he was incredulous.

So he stares at it for awhile. I come back into the room. This is how the conversation goes:

Sean: okay, I’ve made her go clockwise.
Me: really?
Sean: yeah, I had to force my brain from thinking logically and imagine her going the opposite way and now I can’t get her to go counter clockwise again.

5 mins later…

Sean: she’s still going clockwise! You’ve turned me into a right brainer…
Me: what’s 40 times 7?
Sean: *thinks a couple seconds* 280
Me: which way is the dancer going now?
Sean: *looks* you’re kidding.
Me: which way?
Sean: counter clockwise. Are you kidding me?!?

Happy Tuesday!


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