Micah’s story!

I wrote it out quick while snuggling so I wouldn’t forget it. Enjoy!

Prodromal labor: 7 am-10 pm with powerful ctx no more than 15 mins apart. 15 hrs

Active labor: 10 pm-2:20 am. 4.5 hrs.

My mom had been training to be at my sister’s birth and had also been studying hypnotherapy so she did great as my doula. Sean was my comfort and was present the entire time. Together they were a great team and very supportive.

Ctx were hard and I really struggled through them but I was able not to lose control (although I did whine in between) I had back ctx this time and I really had a rough go of adjusting to that. Micah was very active the entire labor and his movements felt like contractions and would make every contraction a little worse. But I did it through with coaching and by focusing. I was 2-3 cms when mw arrived at 10:40 pm and I labored on my hands and knees on the birth ball and in the tub. I preferred the tub bc of the back ctx. I felt like pushing a little around 1:00 or so and was given leave to grunt and do whatever I needed. Some ctx made me feel like grunting some didn’t. At 2:10 I was full on pushing without meaning to. Mw checked and saw that the head was coming down. It took about 10 minutes to get the head down…about 5-7 pushes or so and it took 1.5 pushes to get the head and body out at 2:20 am. He was born in the amniotic sack intact! 🙂

It was a very intense labor but thankfully short and I have such a wonderful little prize here! He was born 8 lbs 4 oz and is doing great. 🙂


2 responses to “Micah’s story!

  1. I am so glad pushing progressed so quickly for you!


  2. Nice work! How awesome that your mom was your doula. I am also geekishly excited that he was born in the sack. 🙂 So glad it went smoothly and quickly.

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