Why am I quiet?

I haven’t really wanted to blog much lately. “Why?” all of you faithful readers are probably asking (sarcasm, sarcasm) Well, I’ll be honest:

I’m crabby. I’m nearly 39 weeks pregnant. We’ve had heatwaves. I have two toddlers. My back and hips hurt a lot. I’m kinda cranky. 😀

I don’t like to broadcast crankiness and that’s basically where my mind has been. I also don’t love sharing my difficulties with pregnancy because, well, I like having babies and desire to have a big family. Theoretically, I love pregnancy. I do love some things about it. I love feeling full of life. I love feeling the baby move. But it is so freaking hard. And having two very dependent little ones makes it that much harder. To be clear, I do not regret, resent, or wish it had happened at a different time. I love the family I have been given and am incredibly grateful for it BUT it’s just so difficult and I’ve found myself asking for help more than I ever have.

So there you have it: crankiness. Surprisingly, as I am drawing closer to my due date I’m feeling more and more upbeat instead of more and more cranky, which I’m sure my dear husband appreciates. It may be that October is finally feeling much closer. It may be that the weather is cooling off. It may be because I feel like a superhuman for making it this far. Whatever it is, I’m going to quietly reflect on this joy and be at peace and I will be patient.

“Now we play the Waiting Game… The Waiting Game sucks, let’s play Hungry, Hungry Hippos.”

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Come, autumn, come.


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