Do you ever wonder…?

Do you ever wonder, “how in the world did the mothers back in the prairie do it???” Because I certainly do. We have so many modern advances in this day and age to make life easier. Washing machines, for example. Can you even imagine having to handwash everybody’s dirty clothes and hang them out to dry? And cars! I mean, I can’t imagine trying to juggle my kids around with whatever else I need to being for them and going to the market and such and have a slow moving wagon or having to walk on foot. Yikes.

I wonder sometimes if mothers from “back then” would look at our complaints and think, “umm really? Your kid didn’t nap and you have morning sickness? Try having to wake up at 3 am to churn your own butter!”

Still, even with the advances, mothering is quite a task. I feel thankful for my vacuum cleaner, my car, my washing machine, even the frozen food aisle in the grocery store.

And thus ends my random thoughts for the night.


One response to “Do you ever wonder…?

  1. All the time. All the time.

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