I’m not a fabulous housekeeper. In fact, I struggle a lot keeping afloat. Pregnancy exhaustion makes it harder. And toddlers make it worse. Like Jerry Seinfeld said, “Having a two year old is like using a blender without the top on.” True story. I’ve tried a lot of different household routines and I fall behind and it gets frustrating. I’m trying something new now and I think it’ll work.

Aside from normal every day maintenance (dishes, picking up toys and messes, etc), I will clean (deep clean) one room a day (with the exception of bathrooms. They will get cleaned twice a week) and do laundry twice a week. I’m hoping this will save me from having so much pile up on me and being unsure where to start. It takes about 30 mins or so to deep clean a room so if I can finish it while emmy has some tv time while Isaac naps – perfect!

Cross your fingers, wish me luck! Hope this brings order to my house!


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