Realistic Expectations part 2

Turns out Em loves helping around the house!!! I got a lot of great input from FB, comments on here and behind the scenes. The responses I got were really inspiring to my own housekeeping skills actually ;).  One friend mentioned looking at games/tasks like a circle. For example, you start a circle by taking out a book, then you read it and the circle isn’t complete until the book is put away. I think I am definitely going to use this as a way of illustrating play and clean up for my kids.

Ideally I’d like only one game at a time to be played with at a time but with the attention span of a 1 and 2 year old I don’t know how well this can play out. If any of you have experience with any good ideas of enforcing this, please share!!!!

So I started with little tasks for Em which she was incredibly excited to take on. First, I started taking advantage of the fact that she can take her shoes off and take them upstairs and put them away in the shoe basket. Then, about halfway through the day I have her help me pick up trash or things on the floor and ask her to help me throw them away. Today I let her load laundry and then insisted she help clear the breakfast table. All chores she took on with exuberance and kept telling me that “Emmy is veery helpful.” 🙂 Afterwards, she got a sticker for being so helpful and she’s been wearing it like a trophy.

Now, as one of my commenters said, just wait until she finds out she’s actually doing work. 😉

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