Realistic Expectations

A couple of SAHM friends of mine and I were discussing chores and responsibilities and a few mentioned to me that they include their children in their chores. I’m not sure how young their children started in with the chores but I know some Montessori programs start in at a pretty young age. I had been thinking of this passively until I was at Target and stumbled through the $1 section and found this:

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Now clearly I will not be expecting my 2.5 year old to be mopping floors or any serious chores but I did want to give her a sense of responsibility and rewards either now or eventually. I’m still very unsure though what chores are developmentally appropriate for children of her age. Maybe just chores that involve picking up after herself, etc. And I want this to be fun and empowering, not a battle.

Any ideas?


4 responses to “Realistic Expectations

  1. We started with simple things: clothes in the hamper, setting the table, picking up the living room toys. Expand as her skills expand. At first you will have to work behind her – and resist correcting where ahe puts the spoons 🙂 One thing to note: she’s been watching you, and will wow you with her skills…until she figures out it’s work.

  2. Umm, Erica, Imho a 2yold can learn most by watching what you do. Have her help you fold and put away laundry, make beds, sweep, tidy, cook, dust, vacuum. Keep it fun and natural. I have even my little ones clear their dinner plates (holding Carey and close to the body), pit theory shoes in their shoe basket when we get home, etc. Establishing a helpfuland productive attitude seems most important at this stage, not the product. You are teaching for the long run. Adding new skills little by little goes a long way. Google age appropriate chores and see what you find! Have fun!
    There’s my two cents.

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