My Emily

I’ve been really enjoying my little girl lately. It’s the age of princesses, imagination, exuberance and pretending. I love the way she spins around and calls herself a ballerina, I love the way she sings as loud as she can just to sing, I love that she feels safe enough to include herself in play with me and Isaac if she feels left out instead of getting aggressive. I love how she draws happy faces. I love that she mothers her baby dolls and tells them that they’ll be okay. I love that she tells me where Jesus’ owies are and kisses them. I love that we listen to Disney songs together, dance and laugh. And I especially love that she now kisses the 10 week old baby in my tummy (and then pretends that she has one in her tummy too).

I love her. I am thrilled with her personality and the development I’ve seen lately. I feel so often that I’m just scratching the surface of getting to know her too. So far the twos have been a blast for me. Of course they’ve had their trials but I really do feel like this has been my favorite age thus far.

Suffice it to say, I love my girl.





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