New Beginnings

Sorry for the silence, I have been dealing with sick children and a newfound pregnancy! Yes! It is pretty common knowledge but I am currently 9 weeksish pregnant! We are very excited and humbled by this blessing.

I had a revelation last night as I was trying to clean out my home as my husband represented us at Forgiveness Vespers and I was  offering my service at our home trying to make sure our home was cleaned out from it’s filth, as much as I could and also made a plan for the first week of Lent of the things I would accomplish. My revelation was that there was no wonder that spring cleaning coincides with Lent. A time for reflection, cleaning out and starting anew.

I love the second chance Lent brings. It usually comes at a time when I’ve become complacent and unfocused. Which definitely has happened as evidenced from the silent quiet blog.

Yesterday Isaac and I took a quiet hike together in one of my favorite places in our town. I even felt different that day on the eve of Lent knowing that it was approaching to snap me back into shape  and remind me of the beauty that I’ve been missing out on.

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I have a plan both practical and spiritual in hopes to grow this Lent and I am excited to set out with Joy upon this special season.

Blessed Lent to all.


3 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Do you mind sharing your plan?

    • I have a few different kinds.

      The first are my fasting rules for myself. It can be tricky with morning sickness, two babies and trying to cook fasting meals for my husband. I set up a list of how I’ll fast from food and from other such things.

      The second are my practical plans: a schedule of chores, days I’ll cook dinner, shopping trips, playtime with kiddos and relaxation time for myself. I basically organized my time a little better.

      The third are personal: reading a certain amount, being more diligent with my prayer rule, trying to make time for creativity, etc.

  2. Forgive me, my sister.
    A blessed Lent to you and yours.

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