Outside the Box

The deeper into motherhood I get, I realize how little I really did now to begin with. I am giving myself more and more slack and relaxing into my ways. I feel more than ever like a beginner as of late. Someone who is just learning and winging it.  I am giving up Mom Guilt. That stuff is toxic. No, I won’t hurt my kid by giving them a bottle. No, I’m not a bad mom if my daughter likes to watch tv every once and again. No, my kids won’t feel abandoned if I get out more often.  They will be okay. I am a beginner but I am a good mom because I love my kids and try hard to be thoughtful about the choices I make for them and have their best interests in mnd.

I’ve had to tweak some of my parenting strategies as of late and I got to say, living on the other side of the proverbial fence helps you to grow and become much more understanding and humble about what you thought you knew. Putting less pressure on myself to do it a certain way and just be myself has brought so much happiness and joy to mine and my kids life. I always knew people did things in all different ways. I had always heard that every child is different. I have lived through it now. I have two radically different children. They each come with their own set of joys and challenges. I love them both. It’s amazing how God really does give you what you need in order to teach you humility, love and patience. I feel stronger and more confident than I ever have in regards to parenting. Knowing that I’m not confined to one set of rules has given me such liberty. I know I can do this. I love my kids and I am so thankful to have them in my life to teach me to be a better person. I heard once that children are there to make an adults out of their parents. I truly get that now.

So, here’s to not knowing everything! Who knew it would be so liberating?


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