St. Nicholas Day!

St Nicholas is one of my favorite days. I usually make gingerbread “St Nicholas” cookies (with bishop cookie cutters as opposed to gingerbread men) but due to having two needy, sick kids, I opted out this year and stuck to leaving our shoes out for gold coins, left by St Nicholas.

Gold coins, real or chocolate, represent gold Nicholas tossed through the window to rescue three young women from a life of servitude, or even prostitution. Gold is the most common symbol for Saint Nicholas; it is even the symbol for pawnbrokers. Sometimes the gold is shown as three oranges, gold balls, or even apples.

In the morning…
My boys on St Nick’s Day

An example of the Faith and a life of humility,
as a teacher of abstinence
you did inspire and lead your flock
and through your truthfulness of your deeds
were exalted by greatness through your humility
uplifting all and by poverty gaining wealth.
Father and hierarch Nicholas intercede
with Christ our God that our souls be saved.

Blessed Feast!


One response to “St. Nicholas Day!

  1. Happy St. Nicholas Day! Lovely photos.

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