Feeling Funky

I am in a funk. A huge funk. My friend told me that Santa Ana winds can cause depression by blowing in positive ions into the air. I’d like to blame it on that. There may be some truth to it but I am actually not motivated anymore.

I have several different projects lined up half finished and I just need a push to just finish them. Naptime has gotten shorter lately. Now about an hour long and that doesn’t give me much time to get much done and there is not really much chance that I can finish a project when the kids are awake and beyond that, I’ve messed up on some of my projects and it’s really discouraging. Boo.

I know I just need to choose to suck it up and DO it. My husband is a writer and struggles with writer’s block. I’m struggling with creativity block. I tried to pull myself out of it yesterday and what I did came out sloppy and I had spent the entire naptime on something that I just felt wasn’t good enough in the end. At least I tried, right? :-/

I feel like using the excuse “I can’t.” It’s so easy to hide behind and makes me feel like I am justified to not try anymore. I’ve got to try. I just gotta. But I feel my brain cramping when I try to come up with good ideas or trying to make something new. Sometimes I think that I don’t try because I am just going to fail anyway. Then I remember the movie “Meet The Robinson’s”. They have a scene where they celebrate failures. “From failing you LEARN, by success…not so much.” The whole motto of the movie is “Keep Moving Forward.” It’s a funky movie but a good one, if you’re interested in watching it someday.

I can’t let my fears and laziness win. I won’t let it. I can’t not try. I have to give it a shot. Even if I mess it up. So.. Starting now, I’m going to try. Deep breath and…


7 responses to “Feeling Funky

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’m in one too 🙂

  2. I definitely go through those phases too… usually it helps me to have something really exciting happen whether it be sharing a good idea with a friend or getting out and seeing some new inspiring things. Pinterest is really good for that 😀 but then once you do get that energy you have to discipline yourself to finish the old projects first before diving in to the new exciting ones.

    Also, Brandon has been complaining about feeling really low these past couple of weeks and says that he finds it happens to him every year when the daylight hours disappear so fast. So maybe that’ts not helping you either?

    • Thanks Morielle. I usually like the time change (except lately since it means I can’t go outside past 4:30 because it’s too dark) but right now it must be throwing me off!!!

      And thanks for the encouragement. I took your advice and spent some time on Pinterest. 🙂 It did help. Now on to actually TRYING to finish my current projects.

  3. I’ve struggled with depression (and take medication for it) that began after our big earthquake in 2001. I think they are related.
    My love and prayers. Hugs.

  4. I’m giggling on two fronts. One: I’m totally in the same funk. In fact, I just e-mailed a friend whining about my funk and pushing myself to get out of it. Two: When I was in High School Chemistry and our class was hyper, our teacher would always say, ‘Hmmmm. . .must be a high percentage of positive ions in the air.’ I STILL use that one when people around me can’t focus and are whacking out. Although, she associated it with colder weather rather than the Santa Anas. But maybe they both produce the same affect. Anyways. . .Onward and Upward. Funks end.

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