Halloween in pictures

Pebbles and BammBamm Costumes made by my friend Lucy. (You can look up her shop here.)

Love from her spider cousin! Who is singing itsy bitsy spider?

Trick or treating with the cousin and auntie, and grandma, and Grams.

Sweet Auntie had arts and crafts for the girlies.

Me and Pebbles

Luckily it was 86 degrees. It was really fun. Unfortunately the first house we stopped at turned out to be the most frightening haunted home ever. Emmy didn’t even step onto the property before insisting that her Dada “JooJoo” (her 2 year old way of asking her to pick her up or “Hold You”) . Other than needing to hold her close anytime we knocked on a door, she enjoyed getting her lollipops and stickers from friendly neighbors. One great thing about Halloween, you really get to know your neighbors. Put that together with a remembrance of my grandfather whose birthday was October 31st and my brother in law’s belated celebration of his birthday, it made for one very happy Halloween.


One response to “Halloween in pictures

  1. Awwwwww. Cute indeed.

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