Pumpkin Patching

We went to a pumpkin patch on this very nice and warm October Day. I am really enjoying this change of seasons. I get really excited when seasons change. Living in Orange County, we don’t really get to experience drastic seasons but we get them in our own way. For example, I start feeling autumn-like feelings when I wake up and it’s still dark and when the sun starts to shine in a less intense way. We still get 80 degree weather in October and November but it’s a different kind of hot weather. Still, I like the change I see. Autumn is a favorite of mine but lately I have just trying to soak in the moments  and enjoy the difference each season has to bring.

So, with a change in Season, I decided that October was a good time to go to a pumpkin patch with our kiddos. I thought it would a barrel of good times. Well, Emmy didn’t love it. I should have guessed that it may not have been “her thing” because when we first proposed the idea to her she exclaimed, “Trains? Aunt Teri? Lucia?” (Train = her favorite thing ever and Aunt Teri and Lucia are usually who we go to see whenever we leave the house. 😉 I think she had other things she wanted to do.)

She was super excited about the pumpkins since she knew what pumpkins were but that was the extent of her interest and it proved to be that way. Anyhow, we had a good time for the 20 minutes we were there, taking pictures and enjoying our family.




Little pumpkin.



Me and my girlie.

Hide and seek in a hay barrel.

Afraid of the horses.

Thank God for Family.


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