The First Rain

Rain drops falling on my head,
and never knowing when it will end.

Should I run for cover,
or let another rain drop fall on my head again?

I would love to dance in the rain,
and knowing somehow it’ll help erase the pain.

Sometimes when I’m all alone,
and I see rain drops are falling outside again.

There’s happiness that I feel because rain is here once again.

Some may feel gloomy when it rains
and some just want to feel it in their hand.

But me, I just love it when rain drops fall onto my face.

Oh the magic that rain brings, it makes you feel unique;

It may bring you sadness, wet feeling in toes and clothes

but I just see happiness when it rains.

Poem: I Love the Rain. by Ma. Erica So Dalag. Photos by me. Welcome Autumn Rain!


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