The Way I See It: Evening

“Slowly the evening changes into the clothes
held for it by a row of ancient trees;

you look: and two worlds grow separate from you,
one ascending to heaven, another, that falls;

and leave you, belonging not wholly to either one,
not quite as dark as the house that remains silent,

not quite as certainly sworn to eternity
as that which becomes star each night and rises—

and leave you (unsayably to disentangle) your life
with all its immensity and fear and great ripening,

so that, all but bounded, all but understood,
it is by turns stone in you and star.

The Way I See It: Evening. I did this as a starter project shown on Molly Sabourin’s website. I thought I’d give it a try.


3 responses to “The Way I See It: Evening

  1. So sweet, Erica! I love the living room strewn with evidence of your busy day as a mama, and your babies resting peacefully – contentedly. The poem is wonderful. Thank you for participating! This made me smile this morning. : )

  2. Very moving images, Erica. In photos and in words. The second photo looks sweetly almost like an oil pastel! Reminiscent of Mary Cassatt.

  3. Thank Molly, that was one of my favorites also!

    Michele, I was afraid that picture looked a little too blurry. I love that you saw it like that!!

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