Happy Half Birthday

Isaac is 6 months old today! I cannot believe it’s been 6 months since that crazy Thursday night that turned into an early Friday morning.

I have to say that I wasn’t convinced 6 months ago that Isaac was going to be a mellow, smiley boy! He was high needs, always fussy , jaundiced, nursing 24/7 (and I mean 24/7), carseat hating, swaddling insisting, baby boy. Imagine my relief when he became this good natured smile-machine!

When I first found out I was pregnant with Isaac, I was excited but incredibly nervous. When I found out I was pregnant with Emmy, I was only excited. I looked at the pregnancy test and looked down at my 9 month old baby girl (who was not even crawling yet) looking up at me, blissfully unaware that her life was about to change (in my opinion, for the better).

I was nervous to tell people for sure. Part of it because of a previous miscarriage I had experienced and another because I didn’t know how everyone would react. Imagine my relief when one of the first people I told (who happened to be Emmy’s godfather Aaron) told me that this is “always a blessing.”

I believed that at the time but I have really learned that now. Isaac has only blessed our family, as Emmy did. Emmy didn’t take away special husband-wife time and make our first year more difficult. She brought us closer together. And let me tell you, there is nothing like a little baby at your dinner table during your first anniversary as a witness to your one flesh union. And Isaac had proved to be the same. He didn’t take anything away from Emmy. He had given her so much already. He has taught her patience, gentleness, and a new kind of playfulness. Emmy also adores him and as he starts to hit milestones, she can be heard in the background getting excited with me.

So suffice it to say, you were needed here, little boy. You have only blessed us. And we love you.

Ah, how quickly they grow up.


2 responses to “Happy Half Birthday

  1. Always a blessing, indeed! Gorgeous little family!

  2. Thanks Lauren, I like your family too. 🙂

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