A home for her trains

Here was our in home project for today. I wanted to have a quick project  for Emmy right before lunch. Emmy’s godmother Sara gave us this awesome book called The Little Hand Art Book: Exploring Arts and Crafts with 2 to 6 year olds by Judy Press. I flipped through it and found this activity:

So we took that…followed the “guidelines” because we didn’t have construction paper. So, Emmy and I colored two pieces of watercolor paper together (I thought it would make the house more sturdy – and it did – but unfortunately it made the house much harder to glue together). The coloring it together was actually a lot of fun. I also glued stickers of her favorite trains (Thomas, Percy and James) into the house. I drew a silly stick figure drawing of her onto a piece of paper because I didn’t have any photos to cut up of her. (But when I drew the picture and asked who she thought it was she responded “MEMMMY!”) And we got this:



So, it was a fun activity that I think she’ll enjoy making all by herself in a year or two. But she still enjoyed helping and watching.  I know that the coloring job is the most amazing you’ve ever seen. I wasn’t going for beauty, just for fun scribbling with my toddler.


I wanted to share this fun idea. I found this on pinterest.com and saw this somewhere else on Facebook.com but I don’t remember where and thought it was a great idea. I originally thought I would given the clothespins to Emmy and have her clip the clothespins onto the box but she couldn’t get the clothespins open so she, being the awesome creative problem solver she is, (no, I’m not biased) turned the clothespins around and hooked them on the other way. Every toddler that has seen this after I brought this toy out has gotten a kick out of it.



Happy Saturday!


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