Creative Itch

Fall must be drawing near because I have a sudden burst of life inside of me. Fall does that to me. I get all tingly and full of ideas with a renewed sense of productivity. I have started to feel that “spring cleaning” itch come about too but my dear, sweet 2 year old asking me to read “Hat” to her (That’s her word for any Dr. Seuss book we own except for ‘Fox in Socks’ which she aptly calls “Socks”)  which melts my little heart into a puddle and distracts me from other important tasks. That’s okay, Sean and I decided long ago that my job during the day was to be a mom, not a housekeeper. 😛

But as the weather cools and it gets darker earlier, I find myself wanting to create. And since I am in the mood to create, Emmy gets to come along with me on my creative journey. I love most of these projects because they are inexpensive and use objects you can find around the house.

Here is a very Chintzy airplane I made with Emmy using clothespins and Popsicle sticks. We painted it together and then I set it aside. (And also learned the hard -and idiotic- way that you shouldn’t put clothespins in the microwave). She was not interested in it after it was finished but this morning when she saw it she started making it crash into other motor vehicles (ruh roh).  I think if there are more than just one, she’d enjoy playing with it more.

Using the bottom of waterbottles to make paint flowers. This was a big hit. I started out using a big 2 liter soda bottle, but Emmy didn’t seem to love maneuvering that one so much. So, I grabbed an old waterbottle and used that. Big hit. She would stamp it and very proudly yell “FLOWER!”

This was a cool idea I found. I got these alphabetic and numeric magnets but Emmy just would throw them off of the refrigerator. So, I got one of my baking sheets and did this with her. She really liked it. It entertained her for about ten minutes.

My DIY snow globe! I wish I had glitter but I basically added beads, little fuzzy balls, and some fun stuff and glued the cap on. I also made a smaller one. Emmy really liked putting the toys in the bottle and thinks it’s a pretty fun toy. Isaac is a big fan of it too.

Speaking of Isaac… ❤

I’ve had a busy couple of days haha. Hope I am helping the spread  of productivity and getting the creative juices flowing.

1 day til Fall! Farewell Summer, it’s been a good one!


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