Jumping Raisins!

I like the ring of that phrase. It sounds like a new way of expressing surprise like “Jumping Jellyfish!” or “Great Jehoshaphat!” or “Good Golly Miss Molly!”

Yesterday, I started a daily “learning activity” with Emmy. I have been trying to change my title of “Stay at Home Mom” to “Play at Home Mom” to motivate and remind me what my job really is. I’ve been playing on Pinterest.com on my break time a lot because they have a ton of great ideas for kids activities.

I found one and tried it out! It was a big hit!

Basically you take Raisins and dump them in club soda. Bubbles gather on the raisins and they start to float to the top. Then when they hit the top, the bubbles pop and the raisins sink so it looks like the raisins are jumping. Emmy went NUTS for it. I have video but I’m having trouble uploading it.  Huge hit! Perfect during snacktime ;-).


2 responses to “Jumping Raisins!

  1. That’s awesome!

  2. “daily learning activity” brilliant!

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