There’s something about this photo that warms the very core of me. It inspires me because the woman in this painting is SO feminine — more feminine than any other woman on any magazine. She is modest and quiet. Beautiful. It reminds me of what Fr. Thomas Hopko says about silence. “Do we ever just stand in front of the cross and just LOOK???” Anyhow, I wanted to share because this photo was a little blessing that I like to pass them along.

Love is a fruit of prayer that, by prayer’s contemplation, draws the intellect insatiably toward that for which it longs when the intellect patiently perseveres in prayer without wearying, whether it prays in a visible way, employing the body, or with the mind’s silent reflections, diligently and with ardor. Prayer is the mortification of the will’s motions pertaining to the life of the flesh. For a man who prays correctly is the equal of the man who is dead to the world. And the meaning of ‘to deny oneself’ is this: courageously to persevere in prayer. – St Isaac the Syrian


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  1. Loved that – thanks, Erica! 🙂

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