Saturday Daybook

Outside my window…

twilight…one of my favorite times of day.

I am listening to…

the sound of the fan and my neighbors

I am thankful…

for a beautiful day with my husband and daughter. We climbed Mount Rubidoux and venerated the cross on top.

I am pondering…

“I lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence does my help come.”

I am reading…

The Sign of the Cross, Understanding the Liturgy and I’m hoping to pick up a copy of “Marriage as a Path to Holiness: The Lives of Married Saints”

From the kitchen…

Blackened Chicken and mashed potatoes. Tasty! Mmmm

Cooking!Blackening the chicken

Mashed potatoes in progress

Family dinner

Emmy's Dinner

Leftovers :)

Leftovers 🙂

I am thinking…

…about going to the library with Emily more. I took her there this week and it was such a fun time. I think I’d like to start instilling a love of books and reading early.

I am creating…

…well  I haven’t started creating it yet, but I’m going to start a painting next week.

Beauty in the home…

A new rug for the kitchen. It added a little spark to the room.

The domestic church…

we have been reading from Acts. Such a rich story. It’s become our Saturday morning custom after breakfast to read the bible together as a family.

I am hoping and praying…

that my iron supplement will start working. I am done with feeling icky.

One of my favorite things…

…my husband doing dishes. Thanks hon!

The baby this week…

she crawls around and started giving kiss and kissing icons. My sweetheart!

A few plans for the rest of the week…

…bbq at church and work!

Picture thought to share…

…I shared a bunch already but I’ll leave you with one more. Sweet EmmyRoo at the library.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”


3 responses to “Saturday Daybook

  1. Love these, Erica! You make me smile. You’re such a wonderful wife and mother!

  2. I love that library! What an adorable picture. I think its great that you are reading with her early. You are such a fantastic mom!

  3. The hike sounds wonderful, and I like the way you tied it into the Scripture.

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