My Rule of Life

I’m trying to set up a rule for my life. It’s something I’m taking pretty seriously because I want to stick to it so my family can run smoothly.

I’m trying to start with the most important: prayer. So, I’m working on a prayer rule that will be upheld no matter rain or shine in my home.

The second: Living Through the Year of Grace or church centered living.

My ideal home is a home that lives through the church year. I want it to change in season the way the church has its seasons. I really want the richness of the church to fill the home. I want Christ to be the starting point of everything we do. I want it to have a spiritual warmth also. Without having Christ as the head of our home, anything done profits us nothing.

I was inspired by another blog that has a curriculum called “Learning Through the Year of Grace” (I copied the name of this segment from her) and it is all about Orthodox homeschooling. I’m sure I’ll be working on that one day, but for now, I would really love to set up a Orthodox Homemaking rule for myself. I’m not sure where to begin but I have a few ideas. I’m actually hoping that this blog will help me along and force me to come up with a few ideas.

The third: keeping the home pleasant, beautiful and orderly. Starting by bringing a pleasant mood to the home. I once heard someone say that when the mama smiles everyone smiles. I know how true that can be.  You can also bring a pleasant mood to the home by introducing pleasant music and playing it throughout the day. Keep the home beautiful by hanging pictures and icons throughout the home. I am going to be working on a painting that I hope we can hang in our home. There’s nothing like homemade treasures placed throughout the family castle. 🙂  Keeping it orderly? Phewie, I am not wonderful at this and it will likely be my ascetic struggle  until the day I die (I hope it’s a true “struggle” which would mean that I am constantly fighting it and not letting it defeat me.) Keeping a home orderly IS important to keeping your home like a little church. Disorder can actually affect the daily routines and prayer life.

It has to start with the basics; Prayer and following the calendar, keeping up with the fasts and church services and making those a priority in the home.

I haven’t gotten past the basics but I’m beginning to make a folder of Orthodox homemaking and rules of life. I will share as the year progresses. Pray for me!


2 responses to “My Rule of Life

  1. i will pray for you. motherhood and homemaking is a blessed and worthy calling. Lord have mercy and enjoy the journey!

  2. Rachel Martinka

    Erica, you are an inspiration. I want to do these things, as well.. and I, too, STRUGGLE with keeping and orderly home. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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