Up at 4 am…

Virgin-Martyr Febronia of Nisibis (310), Our Holy Father Dionysios, founder of the Monastery of St John the Forerunner on Mt Athos (1380)

I’m up at 4:00 am and unable to sleep! My body is preparing for those late nights up with the baby I assume. I’ve become more and more sleepless and uncomfortable at night. And hungry! Goodness me! I get so hungry so fast! Oh, well.Pregnancy is such an odd and wonderful state of being… 9-ish weeks to go…  Well, until the real work begins, I’ll be blogging late nights, while reading or watching old episodes of the Office while underneath the blanket our friend Kim made me as a wedding gift, which is what I’m doing now. Wow…my life is about to change quite a bit.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Remember me.

… the more have been your trials, look for a more perfect reward from your just Judge. Do not take your present troubles ill. Do not lose hope. Yet a little while and your Helper will come to you and will not tarry  – St. Basil the Great


3 responses to “Up at 4 am…

  1. I love this post, dear Erica!
    Holy St. Febronia, pray to God for us (there’s a possible name for you, yes?)

  2. Oh, and Holy St. Dionysius, pray to God for us.

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you like this post!

    Yes, Febronia…quite the name.

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