A Daybook

June 20
Hieromartyr Methodius, bishop of Patara/Olympia (312), St Kallistos I, Patriarch of Constantinople (1363), Blessed Studios (5th c.)

I am thinking about…

Father’s Day. How to celebrate the fathers in my life  and celebrating how awesome a father Sean is already.

I am thankful for..

A maternity clothes sale at Old Navy and “donated” maternity clothes from good friends. It’s nice to wear clothes that fit and are comfortable again. 😀
I am hoping…
That the next two weeks of directing the choir go well!
From the Kitchen…
Tzatziki, cookies and mexican seasoning salt! A great diet for a pregnant woman.
Around the house…

A new chair for the baby and desperate need for cleaning! Yikes!

I am reading…
Childbirth books, childbirth books, and childbirth books! Holy cow! Trying to educate myself on Childbirth and Breastfeeding has become a new hobby.

A few of my favorite things…
New maternity clothes and paint supplies.
This week in pregnancy…

Tomorrow is 30 weeks! 10(ish) weeks to go! She should be around 3 lbs and is just going to keep getting bigger! The little baby inside me is kicking up a storm and I am definitely getting to be large. At least I feel large! I’m becoming more and more mentally and emotionally prepared. I’m am excited and nervous and just all over thankful. I can’t wait to meet her.

This week in the Church…
The Gospel Lesson is: Follow Me and I shall make you fishers of men.
A few plans for the rest of the week…
Organize the clothes I do not fit into any longer and put them aside until post pregnancy. Get into more of a routine now that I am home for most of the day.
Picture thought to share…

015Some baby things!
Remember me.
If God is slow to answer your request and you do not receive what you ask for promptly, do not be grieved, for you are not wiser than God. When this happens to you, it is either because your way of life does not accord with your request, or because the pathways of your heart are at odds with the intention of your prayer. Or it may be because your inner state is too childish by comparison with the magnitude of the things you have asked for. It is not appropriate that great things should fall easily into our hands, otherwise God’s gift will be held in dishonour, because of the ease with which we obtain it. For anything readily obtained is also easily lost, whereas everything which is found with toil is preserved with care. –St. Isaac the Syrian

2 responses to “A Daybook

  1. Isn’t it amazing to look at those little baby things and realize you will have someone to fit in them so soon?

  2. Those little onesies are so CUTE! I wanna go shopping for baby stuff…

    Also, thanks for putting up that wonderful quote.

    Blessings are all around us!

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