A New Beginning

June 18
Martyr Leontius, and with him Martyrs Hypatius and Theodoulos, at Tripoli in Syria (73)

I’ve decided to start blogging agan! My life has opened up in a new way and I have taken a break for enough time.  For a long while, I felt as though I had nothing to say, nothing to share. Maybe this new venture in life that I have begun has been what’s inspired me to take up blogging again. Maybe it’s the fact that I like the community. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel as though I’m going to want to chronicle my life in a new way. Maybe.

For those of you who followed my last blog (I don’t know if it was that many) I stopped blogging about a month and a half before marrying the love of my life, Sean. Well, we DID get married on a beautiful October day and our life, as newlyweds, has been nothing but joy.

After about eight weeks of wedded bliss, we got a wonderful Christmas present: A positive pregnancy test!! That’s right! I now sit here after about 8 months of marriage with a large tummy and a baby girl that has been cooking for 7 months! (Yes, it was planned.) 😉

Emily Ruth is about 30 weeks into gestating and is the main love of both Sean  and my life. We already are in love with her! Her patron saint is Saint Emilia, mother of St. Basil the Great (and many other saints).  I have found myself able to talk with St. Emilia openly and easily, almost as if with an old friend. I know she will be a great intercessor and patron for my precious little daughter. Baby Emily

I will be back! I am newly on maternity “leave” (I am not returning to work) and I have much more to share.

Remember me.

In every situation, always try to be pleasant, that is, maintain a peaceful and humble spirit. Do not judge or grieve anyone, striving so that your words, according to the commandments of the apostles, will be mixed with spiritual salt.


3 responses to “A New Beginning

  1. Hooray for the smoking baby blog!

  2. “Smoking baby” Har! It does look as if she’s holding a pipe and blowing a bit of smoke. :o) I didn’t notice that before.

  3. Yeah, it’s an awesome u/s picture. She totally looks like she is smoking.

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