A Prayer from Sister Julie

So, I’ve been an inactive blogger. I’m starting up again…I promise. I really want to have this blog for the future.

This is a letter which came from my good, childhood friend Julie who has just become a novice.  It came with her RSVP for our wedding, sending her regrets. This letter warmed me inside and out.

Dear Erica,                                                                          Sept 2, 2008 (Prophet Samuel,                                                                                            repose of Fr. Seraphim of Platina)

So, here you are preparing for your wedding, your marriage — such a joyful and profound sacrament. May God bless you! The world turns such things upside down — joyful feasting becomes gluttony, a bride’s adornment becomes vanity and self-love and so on. That’s what the world tries to sell us. Be strong and keep your mind and heart on the things above. Contemplate the mystery you are about to enter into. Prepare you heart and adorn your soul and enter into the true, deep, rich, spiritual joy of this sacrament. And as you stand in the midst of the Church, know in your hear that what takes place on earth also takes place in heaven and surrounded not only by the visible Church, family and friends, but by the invisible Church — the saints of all ages, the Theotokos, the angels, etc…and you are standing before our Lord, in the midst of the Church and in my own feeble way, I will be with you too, through my heartfelt prayers for you and Sean.

This is only part of the letter but one of the sweetest prayers and blessings for our marriage.


One response to “A Prayer from Sister Julie

  1. What a beautiful letter to have, and congratulations.

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