Okay…so I’m learning

Well, apparently I haven’t figured out wordpress completely yet…

I hadn’t approved the comments left by you guys because I didn’t know I needed to. (Sorry!) I’ve changed that fine little feature…Your comments are up!

I’ve been trying to set up this new blog because work has been crazy and my hands are so tired. Jeez… I can’t remember the last time my hands hurt this bad. It’s been setting off my headaches because of the tightness in my forearms and thumb. Ouch. Plus, it’s been kind of a crazy week leaving me in a little bit of a foul mood.

Spiritually, it’s been tough. I’ve been listening to Fr. Thomas Hopko’s “Word of the Cross” to help me through. I really struggle with the feeling of being “uninspired” which shows my naivete with the Christian struggle. I mean, how strong of me to lose momentum just because I don’t FEEL like it. According to Hopko, “God takes away the toys, and your relationship with Him becomes much more serious.” I think it’s helpful. Fr. Thomas Hopko really is amazing. I don’t know how many of you have listened to the Word of the Cross but it really puts struggle of the Christian life in perspective.

He quotes Mother Teresa when she was asked why God doesn’t allow her to suffer. “Because I am not worthy.” She responded. Lord, have mercy.

And Christ is Risen!


One response to “Okay…so I’m learning

  1. fromtheburrow

    It’s hard for us “feelers” not to be ruled by the whim of our emotions, but God uses it to strengthen us if we work with Him. I really like what Fr. Hopko said in his message on “The Tithe of the Year” which was broadcast on Ancient Faith Radio. If you get the time, I think you would enjoy it and find it helpful. I did.

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